Increase your breast milk with Nigerian foods and supplements

7 foods and supplements to boost Breast milk production in 48 hours or less. [+ a secret formula]

There are numerous factors comprised in providing a breast feeding baby with sufficient food in the best way. Such factors include producing enough milk, adhering to proper feeding techniques and habits, health of the mother, etc. It takes time, experience, assistance from friends and family, and sometimes, a trip to the doctor’s office to get this right especially for new mothers.

One of the most troubling that mothers often encounter before weaning their babies is sufficient milk supply. This has become increasingly common with the reality of working mothers that are not always able to practice the best feeding practices that stimulate milk production in the body.

New mothers and even multiple-time mothers both face this common problem of insufficient milk supply for their baby. It happens mostly when the baby has just arrived, the mother is sick, multiple birth e.g twins or triplets, C-section birth, etc. Most of the time, this is a temporary problem that can be easily corrected with the proper remedies within few days.

There are some common practices that are known to improve milk production and supply for the baby. Mothers are adviced to follow them as closely as they can depending on their situation. They include:

  • Feed your baby often as we know the more a baby feeds, it sends a signal to the brain to produce more milk.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet as we know we are now eating for two people and babies need a good diet to be healthy
  • Take appropriate supplements to boost the quality of milk you produce e.g. calcium, vitamin D, and iron. The breast milk is made from the nutrients in the body and sometimes we need higher doses than ordinary food can give us.
  • Feed the baby from both breasts and not a single breast. Take turns and be patient until the baby is full. Allow them
  • Nurse the baby often as the baby wants to keep your breast milk fresh and constantly being produced by the body etc.


When your breast milk is low, there are remedies that can increase the milk production fast, safely, and sustainably. These listed remedies have been used by numerous people around me and I am sure that they work in my experience with the. Let us dive into them:


Yes I am repeating this again because it is very important. You can take all the remedies for increasing your milk supply but if you are poorly hydrated, your milk supply will still be low.

This is because the milk mostly consists of water and a small percentage of nutrients. If there is not enough water in your body, the milk formed will be little even if the body is ready to produce more. there is not enough water in your body to produce more. I hope it is now.

Water intake in people varies but please try to take enough for you and your baby. Take enough water for two people.


This is a known and well used galactagogue by breast feeding mothers around the world. A galactagogue simply means a herb that increases breast milk production. These herbs are usually one of the main ingredients of all these lactation or feeding mothers tea, cookies, etc. you see in the market.

This herb is commonly available in Nigerian local markets and supermarkets under the herb section. You can find its local name in Nigerian languages on this post. If you are lucky, you may find its capsules in a health or a natural product store. If you are only able to get the seeds, then you need to grind them in to powder for easy use.

For some, fenugreek does cause some adverse reactions such as lowering blood sugar, gastrointestinal issues in mothers and babies, weight gain, smelling like the the fenugreek herb, etc. so, be vigilant if you just started to use it. Hopefully it all goes well for you like most of its users.

How to use:

  • Take a teaspoon of the powder about 30 mins after meals. Twice a day. Morning and evening.
  • If using the capsulated herb, take according to the directions on the pack

Balsam apple

Botanical name: Momordica balsamina

Hausa name: Garahuni

This is a common herb in Nigeria. You might even recognize it as it grows as a weed (climber) in our neighborhoods with its bright yellow flowers and thorny fruits. Its leaves are eaten as a dish or added to vegetable soups especially in the past.

Balsam apple is a bitter herb hence its fruits are called bitter melon. It is used for a variety of illnesses in Nigerian traditional medicine such as an anti-malarial, antioxidant, antibiotic, analgesic, anti-diarrhea, etc. It is generally a safe herb but, you should not over use it for it can be harmful if used beyond its prescribed dosage.

How to use:

  • Get and wash a single handful of the leaves
  • Make a soup or porridge of this herb using a recipe of your choice  or add this vegetable to a soup or food you are making
  • Take it as a meal by itself and it should be enough for you for the day
  • Use this remedy for about 3 days and observe the changes
  • If using the powder, a teaspoon in pap or yoghurt after meals should do the trick
  • Take it twice a day. After meals.

Anise seed

Fenugreek being the most used galactagogue tends to over shadow other similar herbs such as the anise herb. It is also a spice and a herb that is commonly used in Indian and Arabian dishes.

Star anise is commonly used for digestive issues such as gas and bloating, cramps etc., inflammations, etc. it has been used in ancient Greece for improving lactation and in other traditional medicine such as the Chinese medicine. 

You can find this herb in the spice section of the supermarket in Nigeria and other countries too or, ask the spice stores in the local market.

How to use:

  • Grind the anise into powder
  • Take a teaspoon of the powder after meals.
  • Add it to pap or yoghurt.
  • Take twice a day. In the morning and evening

Bitter leaf

Botanical name: . In the morning and evening

Hausa name: Shuwaka

Bitter leaf as this herb is called in English is a very bitter herb hence its name. However, it is also very useful and is widely used in Nigerian traditional medicine for numerous health issues.

It is used for lowering blood sugar, hormonal balance, gastro-intestinal problems, infections, malaria, etc. if you are from Nigeria, I am sure you know this vegetable whether as a herb or as a vegetable for soups.

You can easily get this herb from your neighbourhood  as it is widely planted in Nigerian homes or the local market depending on your luck. If that fails, then you can buy its leaf powder from the local herbal market in your area.

How to use:

  • Make a soup of this delicious leaf or add it to your food when cooking
  • Take a teaspoon of the leaf powder if you only have the powder
  • Take it twice a day after meals. In the morning and evening

Silky Indigo

Botanical name: indigofera astragalina

Hausa name: kaikai-koma-kan -mashekiya

This plant is also a galactagogue herb that is very effective for not just people but also other domestic animals that produce milk such as cows, goats, etc. when they are in their feeding stage. It is a herb found in tropical Africa, India, Australia, new guinea, etc.

It also belongs to a group of herbs known as kai-kai in Hausa medicine that are known for their galactagogue properties. Silky indigo leaves are eaten as a vegetable and in this case, you can use the powder if you can’t get the fresh leaves.

How to use:

  • Get and wash a single handful of the herb’s fresh leaves
  • Add it to your soup or porridge
  • Alternatively, take a teaspoon of the powdered leaves in pap or yoghurt
  • Take it after meals. Twice a day. In the morning and evening

Liquid foods

In Hausa tradition, after a woman has given birth,  for the first 3-4 weeks while she is recovering , her diet is comprised of 70% liquid foods. These include special paps, soups, kunus, juices, porridges and other types of liquid diets. These help in speeding her healing process, improving her appetite, boosting her milk supply etc.

Water as I said earlier is especially important for milk production in the body. This liquid diet has a similar role only that, it is more nutritive than plain water and the body can easily digest it and take the nutrients it needs form it fast.

Irrespective of your culture or country, these are numerous recipes you can find on the internet from your culture or diet that can have

All I am trying to say is that you should opt for a liquid or a semi solid food anytime when the chance presents itself as a daily habit. This is a very sustainable approach to maintaining breast milk production in the body.

The secret formula

I will advise that when you are indeed of a fast boost in your breast milk, that you incorporate both galactagogue foods and supplements in your everyday diet and you will see faster results especially when your need is immediate.

This means, you should take your fenugreek/anise supplement while eating the mentioned vegetables in a liquid preferably and then taking much water through put the day. I believe this will fast track your results.


Breast milk supply differs from woman to woman which is why there is no hard standard for mothers. What is important is that you try to produce enough for your baby. There times that you simply have to supplement with a formula once the baby starts to grow.

These recommended remedies have been tested and used by those around me which is why I am confident about their effectiveness. Remember to check for allergic reactions if you are using any of these remedies for the first time.

 If you are experiencing some reactions, switch to a more suitable remedy from the list of remedies mentioned.

I would like to say that you should stop or reduce your usage of these galactagogues when your milk production has improved to your satisfaction. By then, you have identified from these remedies what works for you and if you are experiencing these problems again, you can simply whip it out and put it to use.

I sincerely hope that this post is the end of your search for breast milk boosters. I wish you the best. Please let me know if they have been successful for you

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Have a nice day. Bye.

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