5 Nigerian Herbs that boost testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is mostly associate with the male gender though both genders need it for optimal health. It is produced in the reproductive gonads and the adrenal glands of the human body. Testosterone is responsible for body growth and development, reproduction, moods, bone mass , muscle mass, red blood cells production etc.

Testosterone levels in the body start to become significant from puberty onwards and begin to decrease after the age of 30-35 years old in both genders. Men need and have higher amounts of this hormone than women as it is crucial in developing many central male features such as a deep voice, muscles, body size and bone density etc.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Low levels of testosterone in the body is associated with the following symptoms:

  • moodiness and irritability,
  • weight gain,
  • having a thin body,
  • hair loss
  • decreased energy and drive, etc.

While women are affected through:

  • Low libido,
  • Depression,
  • Poor bone strength etc.

Age is a major factor of reduction in testosterone in the body but there are other factors notably, health conditions that significantly contribute to low testosterone in the body. Those with higher than average testosterone in boys may begin puberty earlier as for women, they may have more noticeably “masculine” features.  You can read more here

There is a global decrease of testosterone levels in the body including Nigeria in both males and females because of the increased artificial and poor quality foods that we consume. Beyond foods, our poor lifestyle choices are also a major contributor to this phenomenon such as sedentary living with not much exercise.

The condition of low testosterone in the body is called hypogonadism which in many cases can be corrected with some therapies and changes in lifestyle.. A simple blood test is all you need to determine the amount of testosterone in the body. When consistent low testosterone level in the body is affecting your quality of life, doctors might suggest artifical testosterone through injections, gels, and oral testosterone applications. This treatment is known as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Is testosterone therapy heallthy?

There is much skepticism on the effectiveness of the TRT on improving testosterone in the body. Some studies have shown that it has little or no effect of the hormone while others report on its promise to help testosterone deficiency. 

Testosterone therapy is not recommended for those that use it as an anti-ageing formula when the decrease of this hormone is as a result of ageing. It can have some consequences on the body such as shrinking of reproductive organs, sleep apnea, cancer, acne etc.

Try to avoid this therapy unless it is absolutely necessary. This is because several studies have been conducted on the dangers, side effects and possible health concerns that testosterone therapies pose such as tumors, cancer, heart failure, decline in fertility etc.

Try your best to go for the most natural option and avoid the artificial placement of any man-made testosterone in your body because you might end up bitterly regretting it when the consequence show up. You can read more testosterone supplemments here

Herbs and natural remedies that boost testosterone production

Fenugreek seeds

There are numerous studies on the positive effect of fenugreek seeds on both male and female hormones as well as maintaining the hormonal balance in the body. One of which was this study on the effect of the fenegreek seeds on male hormones, reproduction etc. it showed that the fenugreek had significant impact in improving the fertility and testosterone in middle aged men.

Fenugreek is an old herb that is widely used for hormonal balance, as an anti-inflammatory herb, to increase breast milk for feeding mothers, etc. the leaves, seeds and other parts of the plants are all used in natural medicine. This herb was weel used in ancient medicine when they depended on plants and other natural products for their health solutions.

How to take:

  • Take a teaspoon of the herb morning and evening after meals if you are using the powder
  • If using the capsules, take as described on the package.

Where to buy in Nigeria

Because it is not only a herb but also a spice, it is available in supermarkets in the spices section and spice shops in the local market. You can use the seeds or the powdered seeds. But, the grounded herb is best and easiest because the seeds are quite hard and can be difficult to properly grind to powder.

In case you do not know the name of fenugreek in Nigeria, check out this post to get its local name so that you can find it easily.

Vitamin D

It is commonly known as the sunlight vitamin. As black people, we often think that we do not need it because we are black which is wrong. Vitamin D is produced by the body upon exposure to the sunlight from the sun. It is responsible for strengthening the body’s immune system, bone health, mood stability etc. Unlike most vitamins, vitamin D acts like a hormone in the body some doctors refer to it as a natural steroid.

The sunlight referred to here is not the afternoon hot sun as it can have bad effects on the skin from the ultraviolent rays. It is advised that you expose yourself to the morning till 11 o’clock sun and the mid afternoon (3 pm) till late evening sun for maximum benefits

Alternatively, you can take vitamin D tablets you can buy from the pharmacy and other health shops though, I will advise that it is best to allow your body to produce the vitamin D from sunlight exposure. You can also try foods that contain vitamin d but the truth is that it is difficult to get sufficient vitamin D from foods alone

I will suggest you try to get the morning and evening sunlight to allow your body to produce the vitamin D it needs. There are studies that have shown the positive effects of vitamin D on the testosterone. You can read more about vitamin D here.

Where to buy in Nigeria:

Vitamin D capsules are available in pharmacies and natural products shops around the country. Take the tablets as directed on the package.

Though I will advise that vitamin D from the sun is best to allow the body to produce the amount it feels is needed by the body.


Zinc is essential to human health and development. It contributes and supports over 100 chemical processes in the body and is linked to improving testosterone in the body. Low zinc in the body contributes to anemia, improper body growth and development, poor cell production, poor appetite, poor immunity etc.

Studies have also linked low zinc in the body with low testosterone and infertility. Supplements are recommended for those that prefer them to correct the deficiency. Zinc rich foods are also advised to included in your diet such as meats, fish, beans,eggs, diary etc. for a more sustainable solution.

Where to get in Nigeria:

Zinc tablets and capsules are available in health stores, natural products shops and pharmacy shops. Take the capsules as directed on the product package

Other factors affecting testosterone production

One of the major things to consider for not just low testosterone but many other health problems is the contribution of your diet, lifestyle and exercise on your health. Exercise and diet is a significant contributor to low testosterone in the body.

Overeating, constant diet, and extreme dieting can be factors including low or non-existent exercise of the body. Some studies have shown that weight training exercise boosts testosterone and other hormones in the body.  Here are some of the lifestyle factors affecting this hormone in the body:

  • Stress – cortisol is a hormone that is released by the body when we are stressed and studies have shown that it can significantly lower important hormones in the body. So try to relax and worry less at the end of the day even if it has been a stressful day.
  • Alcohol, smoking, and other related habits.
  • Poor sleep –  studies have shown that when we sleep less or poorly, our testosterone can drop by 10% – 15%
  • Being obese – like stress, obesity is linked with numerous health issues. But remember strict dieting and a poor eating habits can also lower testosterone levels in the body etc.


All of the recommended remedies are easy to find around the world including in Nigeria. They are most commonly found in the pharmacy and natural product stores. Remember to combine remedies with changes in lifestyle because even if you use all the remedies, it will not be as effective without a good lifestyle to support it.

There are other herbs and that are good for improving and balancing male hormones but that is for another post another day. If you would like me to write on that, kindly let me know in the comments below.

I hope I helped you in some way to improve the testosterone in your body. These remedies and guidelines mentioned are authentic to the best of my knowledge. Try them and please let me know how it went for you.

Kindly rate this article down below and leave your comments or questions in the comment section below. I will do my best to reply promptly.

Thank you for coming over. Have a nice day.

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