The one simple remedy for morning sickness

Pregnancy is such a precious yet trying period in a woman’s life. It comes with many physical and non-physical changes within those nine or so months. One of the troubles that many mothers encounter is morning sickness.

Morning sickness is the frequent bouts of nausea, discomfort, and vomiting that can last from a few hours to the whole day or even days. Some get so sick that they have to be admitted into the hospital. the sickness makes it difficult to eat anything or keep anything down in your stomach without vomiting it out. Morning sickness is most strongly and commonly experienced in the first trimester of the pregnancy. It can start as early as two weeks or so after conception and can come at any time of the day.

Morning sickness by itself does not harm the baby. It only affects the mother. Vomiting and nausea are usually the most experienced symptoms of this condition. Other symptoms that can accompany it are:

  • Strong aversions to specific smells and foods that make you feel sick
  • A seasick feeling that leaves you hungry immediately after
  • Nausea after eating

Just like modern medicine does not really know the exact cause of morning sickness, it also does not know the solution or the effective remedy to treat it or prevent it. This is part of the reason why morning sickness though a very old condition is not easy to treat in the hospital.

 However, there are home remedies and tips that can help in alleviating morning sickness. Remember not every woman experiences morning sickness. For those that do, below are some guidelines and remedies that can make you feel better or stop the sickness all together (I have included a secret remedy)

Tips for morning sickness

Here are some recommended tips to ease its symptoms including:

  • Get enough rest ( sometimes tiredness can make the nausea worse)
  • Avoid all smells and other triggers that you know make you feel sick.
  • Eat plain foods when you feel hungry such as garri, plain bread without jam, butter, egg, or whatever you are used to, bread toast, pap, etc. You get the idea.
  • Chew slowly and eat small frequent meals instead of a large meal.
  • Some suggest that ginger reduces nausea so try taking ginger tea, adding grated ginger to black tea, a ginger drink etc. Just try some simple foods that contain ginger.
  • Remember to take enough water and other liquids especially if you are vomiting. Your body is losing water fast.
  • Stay in well-ventilated spaces with fresh air
  • Avoid sodas, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, smoking, and the like.
  • Keep the foods that you can eat freely without feeling queasy such as dried fruits and nuts (raisins, coconuts), close to you in the house
  • Avoid spicy, oily, or sugary foods in your diet for the time being.
  • Carry a fresh scent in a bottle, handkerchief, and the like. Whenever you catch a whiff of something unpleasant. Soothe yourself with your favorite fresh scent.
  • Avoid leaving your stomach empty. For some, it can trigger nausea

The secret Remedy

The issue with morning sickness is that you can apply all of the above tips but still get very sick from it. this is because these tips are just to help you minimise your suffering. the one thing is recently discovered in the last year that works for morning sickness is fresh natural tomatoes. you read that right!

Fresh Tomatoes

I know! It shocked me too when I saw its effectiveness on my cousin when she was suffering from severe morning sickness and was hospitalized with constant water drips and could not eat anything all day. A Naturopath/Phytotherapist was consulted for advice when her condition was not improving. the doctor advised us to ask her to eat some fresh chopped tomatoes.

We were a little surprised and feeling skeptical about this advice but we still tried it. To our amazement, it worked. Wow! The power of natural medicine! This experience reinforced my belief and wonder of natural medicine.

So how can we use it?

  • Chop about 2-3 fresh tomatoes of good quality to a size that is preferred by you
  • Slowly eat them and chew well. Do not eat fast
  • Allow it about 30mins -1 hr before you try to eat any plain food like garri, bread, plain biscuit, etc. Do not try to eat oily or spicy foods immediately thereafter.
  • then, you can slowly resume your day. It works!

I really hope it works for you as it did for us.


A visit to the doctor is necessary if trying all these remedies and guidelines does not help you. When you cannot keep any food down in your stomach, you feel weak, dizzy, feel abdominal pain, you have dark urine or blood in your vomit, your life is getting seriously disrupted and you are losing weight, it becomes necessary to visit the hospital for further examination.

Just remember not to start taking any medications without the approval of a doctor because pregnancy makes the body vulnerable. What may not harm you before pregnancy can actually harm you during pregnancy.

I have strong confidence in the use of tomatoes for morning sickness as I myself was shocked by their effectiveness when my cousin used them during her pregnancy. In fact, I want to know if you had any success with it so please let me know in the comment section below.

Please rate this article below so that I improve on my skills.  If you have any questions or comments, kindly leave them in the comment section below and I will try to reply promptly.

Thank you for being here and bye for now!

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